Protecting Your Tooth With A Dental Crown

Depending on the type of damage that your tooth has suffered, you may need to have a crown placed on it. The placement of a dental crown can be an important way of protecting the compromised tooth so that the damage will not worsen.

Will You Be Completely Anesthetized For The Dental Crown Procedure?

When a patient is needing to have a crown placed on a tooth, they may conclude that this will mean that they will have to be completely anesthetized. While this might seem to make sense, the reality is that most patients will only need to have the local site numbed. This can be an effective option for reducing the discomfort that the patient experiences during the procedure while avoiding the grogginess and recovery that full anesthesia may require.

How Will The Tooth Be Prepared For The Placement Of The Dental Implant?

Before the dental crown can be applied to the tooth, it will need to be prepared. This can involve the removal of a thin layer of the enamel of the tooth. This type of removal will be able to make enough room for the crown to be placed. The amount of preparation that is needed will depend on the extent of the damage that the tooth has suffered. In addition to removing enough enamel to allow the crown to be placed, it may also be necessary to remove damaged portions of the tooth's exterior so that the tooth will be as stable as possible for the crown. However, the local anesthetic that is used will minimize the discomfort that the patient experiences during this part of the process.

Will You Always Have To Wait Several Days Or Longer For The Crown To Be Ready?

Not surprisingly, patients will want to minimize the amount of time and the number of trips that will be required for them to have a crown placed on their tooth. Fortunately, there are providers that can offer same-day crowns, which allow a patient to have this procedure completed in a single day. In contrast, other dental services will have to make a mold of the tooth and send this to a lab where the crown can be made. A same-day crown provider will have this system available in-house, which can allow them to make the crown during your visit. While these crowns can be ready for placement much sooner, they will still be of a high quality so that you can have confidence that they will provide excellent performance for your mouth.

For more information about same-day crowns, contact a local dental office.

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