Can You Get A Cavity Under A Filling?

Think that your teeth are protected because you have a filling in them? Even though you have a filling over the part where decay formed, you can still be at risk of getting a cavity again in the same spot. Here is what you need to know about this unique dental problem. 

Bacteria Can Get Under The Filling

The dental filling is going to protect that specific part of the tooth that had decay on it since that protective layer of enamel is gone. However, the area surrounding the filling is susceptible to decay. It is possible that bacteria can seep in around the filling, which causes it to get underneath a filling and get even deeper into a tooth. This means that a tooth isn't safe just because it has a filling.

Bacteria is likely to get underneath a filling if someone has a diet with a lot of sugar in it. For example, drinking a lot of sodas is going to coat your teeth with sugar, and it can get into the small crevices of your teeth and get underneath the filling over time. It can also happen as the filling gets old and starts deteriorating. 

Original Decay May Still Be There

A dentist is going to remove the decay and place a filling over it, but it's possible that all the decay was not removed before the filling went over it. While this is not a common thing that can happen, it is possible and something to keep in mind. If there is still a small amount of decay underneath the filling, the bacteria will continue to grow and eat away at the tooth. This decay can be seen when having x-rays taken at the dentist, so you can sometimes find the problem before it becomes painful. 

Signs Can Indicate Decay Under A Filling

There are a few indications that you have decay underneath a filling, even if you cannot see it. The most common problem will be a toothache that forms in the tooth with the filling. You may also have a problem with the tooth becoming discolored over time. Decay can also cause a filling to fall out of the tooth because the decay has weakened the surface that was holding the filling in. 

You should also pay attention to how the tooth feels when you are eating. Does it feel really sensitive to cold temperatures, or is there pain when you put pressure on the tooth? These can all be an indication that there is a cavity that you can't see because the filling is in the way. 

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