3 Things That Can Determine Whether You Can Get Dental Veneers

Many people assume that they have to live their lives with flawed teeth unless something miraculous occurs and they become millionaires. Advancements in cosmetic dentistry have made it possible for many everyday individuals with modest incomes to get "the perfect smile." There are several solutions, and cosmetic dentists consult with individuals to determine which solutions can fix their oral irregularities. Sometimes a combination of cosmetic dentistry enhancements is required to achieve the desired effect.

Veneers are one type of cosmetic solution that can fix several tooth problems. They are made from porcelain and attach to natural teeth. They are considered semi-permanent and may last some individuals for the remainder of their lifetimes. Dental veneers fit over teeth and can cover stains and even create the illusion that short teeth are longer. This can help to make a "smile makeover" appear more cohesive because the veneers can seamlessly match with natural teeth and appear perfectly aligned. Perhaps you are wondering if you would be a good match for veneers. The following points can answer some questions.

Type of Tooth Flaws and Complexity

Even though veneers can correct several issues, they might not be ideal for complex situations. Alignment issues that are minor can be cosmetically enhanced with veneers, but severe overcrowding or bite issues might require an aggressive intervention such as orthodontics. Minor cracks and chips can be corrected by veneers, but severe cracks may need a crown covering to prevent tooth loss. Discolorations on teeth due to food and drink or medication can be treated with veneers. However, stains related to decay might be scrutinized more closely because other factors may exist such as gum disease or advanced decay. 

Existing Oral Health

Veneers are ideal for individuals who have good oral health. If a cosmetic dentist identifies an issue such as gum disease, they will likely want to inspect further to determine how advanced the gum disease is. Late stages of gum disease may be irreversible. A veneer placement procedure for individuals with early gum disease might be postponed until their gum health improves. Healthy gums are an integral part of avoiding tooth loss and other oral complications. Tooth enamel also needs to be intact for the veneers to adhere properly, and a portion of enamel has to be removed to affix the veneers. Therefore, there has to be enough natural tooth available for a successful veneer placement

Commitment Level 

If a cosmetic dentist determines that you are a good match for dental veneers, be prepared for a lifetime commitment to practicing good oral hygiene. This includes dental self-care and routine dentist visits. 

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