Why Dental Implants Are The Best Solution To Your Missing Teeth

Teeth are a significant part of your body. And you need healthy teeth to chew food properly and ensure the healthy and effective digestion of your food. However, there are different dental diseases that normally attack teeth, and if not treated in time, they could lead to a tooth loss. When you visit a dentist with a missing tooth, they may recommend several treatments, and one of those is dental implants. The implants will completely seal the gap on your teeth so that you can regain your oral health. Here are the main benefits of dental implants.

1. Dental Implants are More Durable

Compared to other tooth replacement procedures, dental implants last longer. A dentist does not only use glue to fix teeth in position, but they also use screws to fasten them into your jaw bone. That makes them firm and can withstand harsh conditions. The good thing about using screws is that they do not deter the growth of your jaw bone, and it will grow in the same way as when you would have a normal tooth. After having implants installed, the dentist will advise you on the right maintenance procedures to guarantee their durability.

2. Fewer Side Effects

When compared to dentures, implants are safe and have fewer side effects. With dentures, you can experience speech difficulties, especially a few days after the installation. Dentures are a different component of your teeth, and they might be uncomfortable in your mouth. You might also be afraid that they will fall from your mouth, and you can opt to keep your mouth shut most of the time. However, dental implants are better because the dentist will fix them on your jaw. That means you will not feel any difference with your other teeth.

3. Easy to Eat With

If you have ever had dentures, you know how difficult it is to chew anything with them. You basically have to eat certain types of food. Hard food will not be a part of your diet because it will destroy the dentures. Besides, small food particles might land under the dentures, and you will feel uncontrollable pain. You must also observe the temperatures of the food and drinks you take because they might tamper with the glue that holds the dentures. On the other hand, dental implants are entirely safe from all these issues, especially when you take time to heal after the operation.

You must be prepared to undergo a series of operations to get the implants appropriately installed. However, all the procedures are worth the patience. After the implant operation, you will not remember that you had lost a tooth because the dentist will firmly fix the implants on your jaw bone.

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