Do Your Kids Have Cavities? Signs They Need Dental Care

You probably take your kids into the dentist for their regular checkups and cleanings. There are other times your kids should go into the dentist as well, and you can watch for these signs at home. Your family dentistry professional will give you other insights regarding the oral healthcare of your children so you can always be on top of their healthy smiles. Here are some signs your kids have cavities or other oral health conditions that require dental care.

Your children are spitting pink or red toothpaste

Are your children spitting out pink or red, foamy toothpaste into the sink when they brush their teeth? If so, they may have bleeding gums. Bleeding gums can be a sign of gum disease or loose teeth in your children, which are both conditions that should be brought up at your next family dental clinic appointment. If your children are complaining of gum sensitivity or teeth pain, then you need to get them into your family dentistry clinic as soon as you can.

Your children have spots on their teeth

A cavity is a small, decaying part of a tooth and can come in a variety of colors. A cavity can be found in the pitted parts of a back tooth or on the sides of front teeth and can vary in color from an off-white to a dark gray. If your children have any spots on their teeth, even if they are not complaining of teeth pain, make an appointment with your family dental clinic as soon as you can. The sooner a cavity is discovered, the sooner it can be effectively treated.

Your children have crooked or misshapen teeth

It's not uncommon for your children to have their teeth come in crooked or look misshapen as they take shape. If your children have teeth that are growing into their gum line or have other issues, then you should have your family dentistry professional give them an oral exam right away. Children can be in grade school and still get braces or have their teeth corrected in other ways as their permanent teeth come in. If their traditional family dental clinic cannot perform orthodontic treatments, they can still refer your children to specialists who can treat them after an exam.

Your children will benefit from you keeping an eye on their oral health beyond their regular dental appointments. When you take care to give your children the best in dental care, you invest in their oral health in the future.

To learn more, contact a family dental clinic.

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