Recently Had a Cavity Filled? Know When to Go Back to the Dentist

Did you recently have a dentist appointment where you had a cavity filled? If you are having complications after the appointment, you may be wondering if it is time to return to the dentist and have them look at it. Here are some reasons you may want to go back to the family dentist and have them look at your filling.

Your Bite Feels Off

It is possible that the new filling caused your tooth to extend a little further than it did before the cavity was filled. This can result in your bite feeling off, with your jaw not clenching evenly the way that it once did. This is a problem that can easily be fixed by returning to the dentist since they'll need to file down the filling so that everything comes together perfectly when you clench down. 

Your Tooth Is Experiencing Pain

Has your tooth started feeling a bit painful in the days after the filling was put in? If so, give it some time. It is possible that your tooth is adjusting to the new filling and it will just take a while for everything to become acclimated. Pay close attention to the pain and if it is getting better or worse. It is possible that it feels fine at first, starts to feel uncomfortable, and then gets better. If this happens, then you have nothing to be worried about. 

Only be concerned if the tooth feels painful and continues to get worse over time. It is possible that you suffered some nerve damage when having the cavity filled, especially if it is a deep cavity. Your dentist may recommend a root canal in order to fix the tooth and preserve the root.

Your Tooth Is Sensitive to Hot and Cold

Another problem that you can expect to happen after having a cavity filled is extra sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures. This is another problem that you should give a few weeks and see if the tooth improves. It is normal for a tooth to feel more sensitive after having a cavity filling put into it. However, ask your dentist if the temperature sensitivity is causing you pain or if the sensitivity never goes away. It is possible that your filling is loose, it is causing your tooth to feel more sensitive when you drink water, and you need to have the filling fixed to make it feel better.

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