Dental Implants Help Protect Against Alcohol-Related Tooth Loss

Those who drink alcohol regularly are putting their health at risk and potentially causing damage that may be nearly impossible to reverse. Sadly, many people won't learn this fact until they have lost teeth and need to get them replaced. Thankfully, dental implants can help to keep their mouth strong and help against cases when dental decay gets out of control.

Alcohol and Tooth Loss Are Common

Heavy drinkers are often subject to a large number of health problems that can affect many different elements of their life. For example, alcohol has a way of increasing a person's mouth bacteria and make them more prone to various types of dental injuries. Even worse, the alcohol itself can wear down the strength of a person's tooth and cause a myriad of different tooth problems that can be hard to manage.

Unfortunately, losing even a single tooth can be a real problem for a person's overall dental health. That's because losing a tooth may trigger decay throughout a person's mouth or even trigger a loss of jaw bone structure. Gum loss is another common problem, all of which can make a person who drinks a lot of alcohol experience problems that may be most easily solved by dental implants.

Ways Dental Implants Can Help

Those with alcohol-related dental loss need to talk to an addiction therapy center right away to learn more about how they can quit. Then, they need to talk to a dentist to get high-quality help to stay healthy. Typically, dental implants are a good choice if they catch their tooth loss quickly enough because they won't have to pay for complete replacement, such as with dentures.

And implants are a good choice for single-tooth replacement because they provide a strong and resilient addition to a person's mouth that will resist a lot of damage. For example, a typical dental implant will stay strong in the face of bacterial decay and avoid wearing down too quickly. And they will protect a person's jaw strength and prevent them from losing more teeth as a result of bone loss.

Therefore, those who want to restore their full smile may want to consider these implants for their oral health treatment. These replacements can provide a perfect smile for those who need a great look that will last for years and provide them with flawless dental health. Learn more about your options by contacting services like Orange Door Dental Group.

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