How To Prevent Your Teeth From Becoming Yellow

Are you worried about your teeth becoming discolored? You may have a morning coffee addiction that you fear is going to turn your teeth a shade of yellow or have a similar concern about an evening glass of wine. Here are some tips on how to prevent your teeth from staining.

Use Straws

Many people only use straws when they are provided at a restaurant, but don't use them elsewhere. Straws are actually a great way to prevent teeth stains because all of that liquid bypasses your teeth and doesn't come in contact with them. While it may seem silly drinking coffee out of a straw, it can help prevent discoloration over time.

Rinse Your Mouth

If you are out of your home when you have your morning coffee, don't feel like there is nothing you can do to prevent teeth staining. Get in the habit of rinsing out your mouth when you are finished with that dark caffeinated beverage. Water can help break down the staining agents on your teeth that cause discoloration during the day. While your natural saliva will do this naturally over the day, rinsing your mouth out right away is a good preventative measure.

Brush and Floss Regularly

Liquids can cause teeth to become stained around all of your teeth. That's why it is important to both brush and floss regularly to get rid of staining agents in hard to reach places. Even if you don't regularly consume foods that stain your teeth, plaque buildup can cause discoloration that is just as noticeable.

Use An Electric Toothbrush

The quality of your brushing can make an impact on tooth discoloration. Consider switching to an electric toothbrush, which is going to clean your teeth in a very efficient way compared to a manual toothbrush. With more strokes of the brush across your teeth every second, it will help clean your teeth and any plaque that is on them at the beginning and end of the day.

Use Whitening Toothpaste

A whitening toothpaste is not going to make your teeth that white, but it will help maintain the brightness of your teeth. This is thanks to the blue covarine in the toothpaste that helps create the illusion of white teeth. At most, you may help your teeth become a shade whiter by simply changing toothpastes.

Visit Your Dentist Regularly

Oral care at home is still no replacement for a regular cleaning by a dentist. This will help ensure that all of the plaque is removed from your teeth every six months, giving you a fresh start with your oral health.

To learn more, contact a local dentist.

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