Chipped Teeth? Here's How A Cosmetic Dentist Can Help.

Having chipped teeth can be embarrassing and bothersome when you look in the mirror or take a photo of yourself. But isn't it something you just have to put up with? Not so! You can get help with this problem just by seeing a cosmetic dentist. Here's what you ought to know about it.

Why Chipped Teeth Are a Problem

Chipped teeth are a cosmetic problem because they impact the way that your smile looks. It can be enough that you may stop smiling with your teeth exposed or may even end up altering your photos to make your teeth look better. But unfortunately, that's not the only problem chipped teeth cause.

Chipped teeth can also impact your oral health. Chipped teeth lose a part of themselves that can leave the softer inner surfaces of your teeth exposed to the open air. This makes them more vulnerable to developing infections and cavities, so if you've been unwilling to get your teeth fixed thinking it was just vanity, it isn't.

Getting Help

Getting help with this problem involves a process called dental bonding. This is a process that's usually performed by cosmetic dentists. It involves using resin to repair the appearance of your tooth as well as to protect it from further damage.

What to Expect

When you get dental bonding, your dentist will start by examining your teeth. They'll look for areas that are chipped or damaged and will show them to you on an x-ray scan so that you can see for yourself which teeth need help.

From there, your dentist will suggest dental bonding. If you're okay with going forward with the procedure, you can usually get started right away.

Dental bonding is a simple process to go through and one that is usually painless. Your dentist will use a liquid resin and will gradually coat the chipped portion of your tooth with it. They'll continue to do this until the resin builds up into a general tooth-like shape. Then, using a drill, they'll carefully cut away any excess and buff the tooth's new resin so that it's smooth and matches your neighboring teeth perfectly. This should also make it a lot nicer to bite down and chew with, and will take the undue strain off of your neighboring teeth that aren't chipped. 

You don't have to have chipped teeth. Talk to a cosmetic dentist and get the smile you've been dreaming of.


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