Busting Three Common Root Canal Myths

Root canals have a negative reputation among many people, despite the fact that those people have actually never had one. Root canals are extremely safe and a relatively easy process for someone to go through, but if you're still concerned, here are three common myths about root canals that you may have heard that are absolutely false.

Root Canals are Painful

Root canals can be a little nerve-wracking because of the sound of the drill, but that doesn't mean that you're going to be in pain or agony while one is being performed. You'll be completely numbed the way that you are for any major dental procedure. This will ensure that you don't feel any pain at all while the procedure is going on.

Afterward, your tooth will no longer have any of the nerves that were once inside of it, which means that the tooth will be incapable of feeling pain. So there will be no worries about pain before or after the procedure.

Root Canals are Dangerous

Root canals are actually extremely safe. This procedure has been performed for a very long time and has been a success for the vast majority of people. The root canal has unfortunately gained a reputation that it's somehow unsafe for your teeth or entire body, but this simply isn't true. Having a root canal is like having your tooth drilled for a cavity, but cranked up. More of the tooth is removed and then a filling is used to fix those areas. That's really all there is to it, so there's no reason to be any more afraid of it than you are from having a tooth filled for a cavity.

Root Canals are Temporary

Root canals are anything but temporary. Some people think that they're doomed to lose their teeth after having a root canal anyway, so they might wonder what the point is. This actually isn't the case.

Having a root canal saves your tooth from certain death. With the interior of the tooth removed, the exterior shell still stays alive and is supported by your body's circulation. There's no reason to expect or even reason to worry that you'll eventually lose the tooth; it should be with you for all your years to come, so long as your gums stay healthy.

With all this in mind, hopefully you're feeling a little safer about getting a root canal. If you have more questions or fears that are nagging you, call a dentist and talk to them about it to get the reassurance you need.

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