How to Make Dental Cleanings More Enjoyable for Your Child

If your child is like most, they don't particularly enjoy going to the dentist. They probably complain every time a dental cleaning is due. Here are a few things you can do to make visiting the dentist for cleaning more enjoyable overall:

Make Some Sock Puppets

Making some sock puppets together is a fun activity in itself, but it can also help your child feel better about going to the dentist. Decorate the puppets with large teeth and give them names. Create personalities and backstories for them so your child really gets to know them. When it comes time to head to the dentist, bring the sock puppets along.

You can both put the puppets on your hands when you get into the dentist's office so they can keep your child company as their teeth as being cleaned. Your child's hands will be kept busy during the cleaning too, which will help keep them from trying to squirm and move the dentist's tools away from their mouth.

Enjoy a Play Date Together

If you plan a fun play date to enjoy together after visiting the dentist, your child will be more likely to actually look forward to seeing the dentist and having their teeth cleaned. Choose a new activity to enjoy that you don't get to do often, like bowling or miniature golfing, every time your child needs to visit the dentist.

Then take a "virtual tour" of the place you decide to visit so your child can see what's in store for them and start getting excited about it. You can pack a picnic full of snacks like apples and carrot sticks so you can fuel up at a local park before heading home for the day. By the time dental cleaning day comes around, your little one will be focused on the exciting adventure awaiting instead of feeling nervous about visiting the dentist.

Make Teeth Cleaning Fun at Home

Another way to make visiting the dentist more enjoyable for your child is to make teeth cleaning fun at home. Buy your little one a special toothbrush that features their favorite cartoon character. And invest in some kid-friendly toothpaste that tastes like grapes or bubblegum. You can make brushing and flossing fun by incorporating games such as Simon Says and I-Spy to keep them brushing long enough.

Let your dentist know what steps you've taken to make teeth cleaning fun at home so they can incorporate some of your practices into their visits with your child when possible. For more information, contact dental clinics that provide children's dental cleaning.

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