Reasons You May Need Same-Day Dental Care

While it's common to dislike going to the dentist, there are many situations where it can be dangerous to put off dental care. Same-day dental care facilities exist so that emergency dental procedures can be handled quickly and effectively, keeping you as healthy as possible. It's important that you make an urgent dental appointment with this type of facility if you're dealing with any of the following: 

Broken Tooth

If you've broken or chipped a tooth, you'll likely be in noticeable pain. In addition, you may find that you experience sensitivity to heat and cold. You'll need to see a dentist as soon as possible to have the tooth repaired so that you can eliminate the pain and sensitivity and prevent additional tooth decay. A same-day dental care facility can schedule you for an exam, evaluate the damage, and help you decide on an immediate treatment plan. 

Knocked-Out Tooth

From time to time, a blow to the face can lead to a tooth being knocked out. This is considered a dental emergency, and it's vital that the injured individual seek dental care immediately. The dentist can evaluate the situation fully and decide if the tooth can be replaced and, if not, help decide on a course of action. 


A severe toothache can be a sign of infection, abscess, or damage to a tooth. If you are experiencing ongoing dental pain, it's important that you reach out to a same-day dental care facility to have the situation evaluated. The dentist can check for signs of chips or damage, infection, lost fillings, food beneath the gum line, or issues with your wisdom teeth. Then they can treat the problem and help make sure that you don't develop a more severe problem. Ignoring dental pain can lead to severe oral infections, as well as other complications such as heart issues, so it's important to have the issue addressed as quickly as possible.  

Lost Filling

If you've lost a filling, you'll likely notice it fall out. You may also notice the small hole or rough spot on your tooth. A same-day dentist can repair or replace your filling so that you don't experience pain and the area is not at risk for infection.

An emergency dentist can evaluate the situation that you're dealing with quickly and repair your tooth the same day. This can help you stay healthy and reduce the risk of other serious health conditions developing as a result of your dental condition. Contact a local same-day dental clinic to learn more about the services available in your area. 

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