Using Invisalign Retainers To Address Your Dental Issues

Dental alignment problems can make a person extremely self-conscious of their smile while also leading to potentially serious dental problems later in life. For example, individuals with dental alignment problems may be far more likely to suffer cavities if their alignment issue makes it harder to clean their teeth. While braces have long been the preferred option for straightening teeth, Invisalign retainers are an option that can be extremely effective and far more convenient.  

Myth: You Will Only Need To Wear The Invisalign Retainers Overnight

A misconception that people may have about these retainers is the belief that they will only need to wear them during the overnight hours. However, it is almost always advisable for these patients to wear the retainers as much as possible. This will help to ensure that the treatment is as quick as possible so that the patient can limit the amount of time that they must wear these devices. While these devices can be removed at will, it can be best to leave this for instances of public speaking, eating or drinking sugary beverages.

Myth: Invisalign Retainers Will Be Difficult To Keep Clean

While it can be extremely difficult for a patient to keep traditional braces clean, Invisalign retainers can be fairly simple for a patient to clean and maintain. For example, simply removing the retainer so that it can be thoroughly rinsed, sanitized, and lightly brushed will be all that is needed to keep these devices clean. While this will be fairly easy for a patient to do, it is not something that should be skipped. Failing to clean the retainers on at least a daily basis can contribute to bad breath and other issues. Some dentists will provide their patients with special cleaning solutions to use with these retainers. While it may seem like standard mouthwash would be a suitable alternative to these chemicals, mouthwash can be acidic enough to cause the retainers to become brittle.

Myth: It Will Be Extremely Difficult To Speak While Wearing These Retainers

Another assumption that patients may have concerning Invisalign retainers will be that it will be difficult to speak while wearing the retainer. In reality, most patients that choose this option will find that they can adjust to speaking normally with the retainers very quickly. Generally, this will be comparable to the time that a patient will need to adjust to speaking while wearing the braces. However, these retainers can be superior when it comes to public speaking as you will be able to remove the retainer until you have finished. This can allow you to speak as clearly as possible while being able to effectively project your voice.

For more information on Invisalign, reach out to a local dentist. 

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